Determining factors

Five factors have largely brought each of us to where we are right now. These factors have a strong, and often unconscious influence on how we react and respond to the circumstances around us. 

Understanding each of these is the starting point in reducing the restrictions they place on us. These factors are: intelligence, personality, habits, biases and life stories.

What we can do

This site explores mindfulness-related skills and habits we can develop that can complement and enhance these factors - that will allow us greater conscious choice in the directions our lives take. These can lead to better decision-making, improved relationships, increased self-confidence and improved physical and mental health.

Skills areas

Reflection & Meditation

Here we will use personal reflection to deepen our understanding of where we are right now and mindfulness meditation to respond appropriately in daily situations

Setting long-term goals

This section focuses on setting long-term goals. These will set our direction and act as a guide when we create action plans and make  decisions

Making plans & taking actions

This section looks at how to decide on appropriate courses of action, on taking action and on measuring  progress

Thinking and learning skills

Here we look at critical thinking and how to develop learning skills

Developing character skills

Here we examine how we can develop and strengthen character skills in order to provide a solid framework for behaviour

Improving interpersonal skills

This area focuses on communication skills and on developing kindness and compassion