Focus on what matters

It’s a big mistake to focus  our attention and use valuable energy on things that don’t really matter to us, and on things that are outside of our control.

There are many distractions and conflicting pressures on our time, so we need to identify the things that really matter. These are the things which are connected to our life’s purpose and the achieving of our life goals, so we need to focus on these before all else.

Make a list

Creating a list of things that matter and referring to the list often, will help guide us in making  wise choices about what to  get involved in and when to say no. For example, some of the things on my list of things that matter are:

  • daily reflection and meditation
  • regular exercise
  • quality family time
  • providing valuable and timely support for co-workers
  • maintaining contact with friends

Guiding principles

To  strengthen our decision-making skills, we can then go a little further and add some guiding principles to the items on our list of what matters. For example; what is the best time of day and how much time should I spend on reflection and meditation, what types of exercises are more physically beneficial and fit best into my busy routine, what types of family activities would bring the most joy and cohesion, and what types of support would provide the most benefit.

Review often

The items on the list should be looked at and updated frequently so that they take into account our changing circumstances. Check them, revise them, change them, create new ones. In this way we can re-ignite our passion for our chosen path and for the things we have chosen to focus on whenever we choose to.

So  when someone asks you to get involved in things that aren’t on your list, the choice is easy. Gently but insistently say no.

Over to you

What are the things that matter to you?

Start making your list and keep it somewhere close so you can review it often.

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